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About Me

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About Me

Hello, This is Hosoo Yeo!

I am Hosoo Yeo, a growing digital designer, photographer, and blogger. I am learning how to become a great designer.

I enjoy taking pictures and videos and editing them. I love food and music, also food with music too! I am passionate about all the work and projects I work on and am talented in teamwork. One of my advantages is my communication skill. I know how to produce the best results without trouble but only with peace and enjoyment.


A Radiant, Passionate Person!

I am fluent in Korean and English, so feel free to contact me in either of them you are more comfortable with.

I’ve learned Spanish for three years, so I’m a beginner. But, if you want to contact me in Spanish, you can definitely do it! I’d love to learn more.


What I do

I design stickers, logos, and any other designs, and I take portrait pictures, sky pictures, and anything that catches my eyes. I also animate music videos and a short story. Lastly, I regularly share my life to people in different types of media.

Digital Design

Do you want to see something creative? I got animations too!


This is how I see the world!


Do you want to have a glimpse on my personal life story?


Looking for a good friend or an awesome co-worker?